New Construction

Stokes Consulting, LLC offers consulting options for homeowners, architects, engineers and contractors drawing from its thirty years of experience in natural and man-made specialty roof construction, design and installation. We have available our own list of vetted commercial and residential professionals experienced in all aspects of specialty roofing, and are one of the select few Charter Members of Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America.

Construction and Roofing Services

Strong and thorough project planning and system design are critical for any tile or slate roofing project. Accordingly, we offer experienced assistance in the design and installation of various roof systems for both commercial and residential customers, including aspects such as material selection, ice and water barriers, synthetic felts, the drip edge, rake, valley, step and counter flashings, ventilation, and unique fasteners and sealants.

We can represent the Owner in the initial plans and specifications with architects and engineers, and, during construction, by monitoring the progress and the quality of the work being performed to ensure compliance with approved plans and specifications. When appropriate, we can participate in the design details and provide third-party reviews of the architectural plans and specifications.

Post-Construction Services

We can assist in all aspects of handling your insurance claim, including the specification of products and the recommendations that are best for you and your home or building. Specifications can include your roof selection itself. When necessary, we can assist counsel in litigation, and can provide expert testimony.

Schedule of Services

Roofing / Waterproofing System Design

  • Custom designed specifications and drawings for bidding
  • Contract documents prepared by the firm in connection with existing facilities and utilize a format developed specifically for that purpose
  • General conditions governing the performance of the work
  • Scope of the work and a description of the existing system
  • Materials required for the work and general installation requirements
  • Removal of existing materials and preparation of surfaces to receive new materials
  • Detailed procedures for installation of each roof system component
  • Sheet metal material required for the work and detailed procedures for installation of each metal accessory
  • Detailed description of repairs to existing roof systems and/or metal accessory components

Roof Inspection Survey

  • Date of roof system application
  • Roof system composition
  • Current condition of each major roof system component
  • Drainage system type and component
  • Examination of flashings
  • Condition of roof mounted equipment
  • Description of existing substrate conditions
  • Photographs of selected significant and typical conditions
  • Laboratory analysis of roof system components
  • Recommendations for corrective actions
  • Cost estimates for corrective actions or replacement

Services to Architects and Engineers

  • Review plans and specifications before bidding
  • Potential material performance and/or problems
  • Conflicts in the specifications and/or drawings
  • Code compliance
  • Possible incompatibility of materials, components, or systems
  • On-site Quality Control Inspections with written reports supported with digital captioned photographs

Project Management and Inspection Services

  • Pre-bid and pre-job conferences
  • Review of material submittals and shop drawings
  • Review contractor's pay requests
  • Inspection of work-in-progress
  • Final inspection of project

Development of Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Prepare documents for repairs
  • Prepare bidding documents for outside contractors to quote competitive prices
  • Reserve fund cost analysis

Insurance Casualty Loss Companies

  • Non-biased independent inspection and report of insured's report loss
  • Investigation and report of defective Fire Retardant Plywood Decks or defective Phenolic Foam Roof Insulation
  • Storm damage reports

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